Artist Doors

Craig “Flux” Singleton

While hundreds of club goers danced to the infectious rhythms honoring the African music legend Fela Kuti, there was also a large crowd standing incredibly still' gawking at the live artwork being created by Atlanta-based artist on
The Lawyer The Entertainer[and the doctor] The Vet[erinarian]

Craig Cameron

Craig Cameron has lived in Atlanta since the summer of 2010.  He was born in Canada where he spent his formative years before relocating to the States like a swashbuckler from the Caribbean but of Scottish and Welsh descent.  He on
Brenten Deldrin Carol

Deanna Zane Maslamani

Deanna Zane Maslamani is a painter and sculptor currently living in Atlanta, GA.  She received her bachelors in art studio from Georgia State University.  Her work focuses on the fragility of the human experience.
Sci Wri Whistle

Henry Detweiler

Henry Detweiler is an Atlanta-based artist and writer working in drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, video, and performance. In 2012, he received a BFA in Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking from Georgia State University. He on
Jabari Chris Marlon

Iman Person

Iman Person studied drawing, painting and printmaking at Georgia State University and is a self-taught sculptor. Iman has become a fixture in the Atlanta arts community and has participated in projects such as the Atlanta Beltline on
Belonging Diversity Growth

Jane Garver

Jane Garver is an artist working in Atlanta, Georgia. She attempts to create art in the public realm, beginning with anti-isolationist practices such as making work on Marta, in museums, and in the doctor's office. She makes public on
Lidia in Blue on a Bright Day Vertical Zoe Leta is Right Here

Jason Kofke

Jason Kofke understands a culture by images of what has been abandoned, discarded, or abrogated. He uses art as salvage ethnography to attribute meaning to events of the past. His projects empathize with communal historical experiences on
Demarrio & Blue Miracle & Blue Rachel & Green

Jennifer Lobsenz

Born and raised in Seattle, Jennifer Lobsenz has recently relocated to Atlanta and is excited to be here.  She earned her bachelor's degree in Art History from the University of St Andrews (Scotland), her master's degree in Culture on
Show Them Themselves The Poet Goes Home Movement is Transportation

Jess Bernhart

Jess Bernhart is an Atlanta-based artist, dabbling in painting, photography, installations, and creative writing. Jess is not a trained artist – one day she just found it sad that as kids we draw and paint and write stories all the time, on
Taylor Kenya Nicole

Jessica Caldas

The Warrior Monk The Happy Chef The Scholar Activist

Jon Ciliberto

In addition to visual art, Jon Ciliberto makes music and writes poetry.  He is presently a law student, intending to work in public interest.  Jon was delighted to receive an invitation to participate in this project. It combines on
Kenyatta Sony Jamiah

Justin Rabideau

Justin Rabideau was born in West Chazy, New York, a rural town in the Northern region of the state.  He attended The State University of New York at Plattsburgh, where he received a BFA in Sculpture and Printmaking in 2002.  While on
Harland Trophy Wall Building Mr. Hayes, Ms. L and Us

Kathy Meyer Wochele

Now a long time resident of Atlanta, Kathy Meyer Wochele grew up in New Jersey. She attended the University of Colorado and went on to receive her BFA at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. Once established in Atlanta, Kathy studied on
Deandre Jamia Henry O.

Kris Pilcher

Kris Pilcher (b.1982) is an Atlanta based visual artist with a strong background in theatre and social activism. His mixed media pieces are influenced by the Dada and Surrealist movements, and the works of  philosophers such as Alan on
Future Blueprints – Computer Engineering Future Blueprints – Child Psychology Future Blueprints – Early Childhood Development

Kyle Brooks

Kyle Brooks - Blackcattips - NeoFolk - Painter - Doodle Maker - House Paint - Sharpie - Atlanta - Hot - Anger - Humid - Lost - Alaska - Indians - Simmons Basement - Rockdale - Goats - East Atlanta - Layoff - Rebirth - Streets - Signs on
Rockets Go Up! Rabbit in the Garden Hen and Chicks

Lucha Rodriguez with Paco Vegachette

Lucha & Paco have been working collectively in Atlanta with the sole purpose of spreading playfulness, inquisitiveness and happiness through interaction with their works.  With a visual language that's bright and bold they on
Kat June Kit

Matthew Rosenfeld

Matthew Rosenfeld (b. Atlanta, GA, 1989) is an artist currently living and working in Atlanta. Matthew received a BFA from Washington University in St. Louis, Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts in May 2012, and has on
The Fibers of Sound Mosaic Formations It Just Formed in My Eyes

Meg Aubrey

Meg Aubrey is an Atlanta based painter whose work examines the iconic suburban experience and its effects on the women who inhabit it. Her subjects are pared down and scrutinized to reveal a disquieting psychological isolation on
Tamika Amanda Merci

Mike Black

Mike Black is an artist who was born in Seattle Washington in 1983 and currently resides in Atlanta Georgia. The past twenty-nine years have been spent going back and forth between Atlanta and the Pacific Northwest.  Currently Mike on
Given A Chance Given A Chance Given A Chance

Nathan Sharratt

Nathan Sharratt visited Malon D. Mimms Boys & Girls Club last February and was struck by the happiness he saw in our kids and teens and the strong supportive community that the Club provides. Meeting with these promising and talented on
Danielle Will Never Play With… Scy’Ann Will Never Play With Benji Will Never Play With…

Nick Madden

Nick Madden was born in 1978 and raised in Mableton, Georgia.  He studied drawing and painting and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Georgia in 2002.  Since then he has been creating works of art, teaching on
Olumuyiwa Jamie Fatouma

Romy Aura Maloon

Romy Aura Maloon (1986) graduated from the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL, with a BFA in Fine Arts Sculpture. She has studied art and its history at the New York Studio program and Internationally in China and on
Rashard Queen Bee Charity

Stephanie Raborn

Stephanie Raborn is visual artist out of Atlanta, Georgia. A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree-holder with a minor in Drawing, Painting and Printmaking, the training she received in Psychology serves to inform her art practice on
Shelter II Shelter 1 Shelter II - with yellow

William Schweigert

William Schweigert is a multimedia artist living and working in Atlanta, Georgia. William recently received his B.F.A. from Georgia State University, and has shown (WHAT?) extensively throughout Atlanta. William investigates familial on
Tape Home Poet

Wret Rusaw

Wret Rausaw was born in Atlanta, GA where he has since returned to live and make work.  Wret’s work has appeared in group exhibitions in Atlanta, including The Imaginary Million at 200 Peachtree St.; Inhabited at Kibbee Gallery; on
Six One, from Series Hall of Justice Grandma Blue, from series Hall of Justice Heart Stars, from series Hall of Justice